Monday, September 30, 2013

Weapon process!!


Just going to go straight in to things here, When I was creating the character and figuring it out to the final image, I decided to create a first weapon just to get the overall feel of it. Now when starting this weapon I had no idea what I wanted to do, I'm not a weapon specialist, so I did some research. Research is very important the more research you do the better, however I didn't like the weapon to be realistic and modern with the rest of the games out there, so I came up with different approach.

I just started to paint shapes just figuring out the main shape of a gun and within those shapes focus on the main parts of it and then work in the details. This process is focusing on the creativity and imaginative side of things, very fun. I wanted simplicity, elegant and clean design, I know...elegant for a weapon weird right?!? but different and I'm going for it!


Here is first image of the weapon and the process, just clean and simple not dealing with colour yet.   When dealing with a client focus on your presentation as well, helps the client see their vision even more. So your helping them to see more out of their ideas to get them more in to it as much as you are, great stuff here! Now with this image you would include the title of the project and a logo of course in the background, with all of your images given to the client.

The second image is the scope of the weapon, the idea of this came out of nowhere, it was when I was creating the design of gun and ask myself what if...this happen, the scope of the gun comes out. Whenever you have ideas, act on it right away get it out of your system if it doesn't work just go back to your design, you just never know!!

The third image is the ammo and clip design, how it opens, showing the internal parts of the gun and adding some text, give it some realism and some life. The ammo clip was a simple shape with a simple see through view of the front  holding the bullets that contain within. Be very ware of your design and how it works, if clients asks you to create a different angles, views and even blueprints for that matter, you should be able to and if not let them know before the job and or project starts.

The fourth image is a different angle showing the top of the weapon and the front, giving a feel of the overall. Again expect changes with clients it happens but for the better, most of the time but its all good. After this stage of the design, we will be going into colour and final.

I hope you guys are learning from this, anyways enjoy!!

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