Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Final process!


So here we are the final pieces, at this point its all about colour, decals and presentation. Since the concepts were quite in detail the colouring processing was simple just base colours, shadows, highlights and texturing.

Here is the character image in colour and presented. In some cases you don't have to showcase your work like this to a client, even just a white or black fill will be just fine depends on the client or they might be surprised you taken it this far. Be very aware of your spelling do a double check or a triple check before sending it and even I make mistakes right before the deadline it happens...but please do check, make it habit of doing!!

The weapon image in colour, pretty much self explanatory basic base colours. I was very careful not to over expose the colours, its a military weapon gets the job done. Just added some dents, scratches and tiger stripes for a custom look and feel.

The images here are a package process of the character and weapon designs. This is where you bring all the work you've done and display it. Clients will love you if you showcase your work in a package, give them the opportunity for more ideas or perhaps can be a potential art book in the making, you never know? Try different layouts and themes presenting your work, you won't believe how much time it takes to make your work presentable just be patient and don't rush.I had a lot of fun creating this and showing you guys my thought process.


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