Saturday, February 28, 2009


getting nervous...detailing the piece is coming together I'm finally seeing where this is going. I flip the image i like it this way, the eyes were tricky to do so important to capture the soul of this general. Never the less the show must go on.


quick post here working around the drawing details, details, more details and presentation. But seriously at this point you can go on forever, i gotta be cool, calm and collect.


Alright i got the basic colour done, pretty basic on what I've done here. i broke the image into 4 sections started playing around with colour. still unclear on what the final would be but its coming along. But again this stage is fun, cause i'm just enhancing the orginal piece.

the next stage would be start thinking about the special elements eyes, mouth, logo and presentation.


Friday, February 27, 2009


hey quick post before i go to work, just working the tonal areas punching darks and lights. Enjoy!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

pencilrendering pt3

Got off from work early and went right into it, 5 hrs later finally done guys...Well the drawing for that matter. i hope you guys are liking it and enjoying the process.The next stage will be concentrating on the tonal areas, I'm thinking punching out the highlights with some colour not too much don't want to take away the penciling, and start thinking about presentation.

Ohhh maybe a small back story I'll do that when I'm at!!

pencil rendering pt2

This is why i like this stage so much, you can push and pull shapes and see where it takes you. I must say I'm getting little edgy but that's normal i gotta get to used to it. Regardless here it is...i hope you guys are enjoying the show!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

pencil rendering pt1

hey guys came back from work and went right into the drawing. i start by using my favourite graphic pencils, from this stage i start from the flattest part of the drawing or background. I always start on the right side of the page cause I'm a lefty, graphic pencils smudge easily. i go along with the drawing which part is in shadow/light, small details like rips, indents, scraps, cuts, scars etc. I don't want to paid too much attention on one part of the drawing but as a whole/composition.
Funny thing happen as i was going along with the face trying to draw the hair on a dead guy didn't cut it for me but then the hair to me almost look like a spider's leg so i went with it. Let's see where this goes...

On a side note...

About a year ago... i got some bad news from doctor stating i was over weight and heading towards diabetes. So i had to do some major cutbacks on my food intake booooooooo...and no more sugar. Hey are you guys aware that Tim Hortons coffee sucks without sugar...i am!! I digress, now its been almost a year by the end of march and good news i loss 30 pounds my blood sugars are low, and my cholesterol.

HIGH FIVE!!! that's right i said it!!!

quick update!!

rough start...having post issues in cg. Since I'm new there i have to wait like 24 hrs before they decide to post my WIP and to join the challenge. But I'm not going to let that bother me!!

So i decide to go with this one, it has a good feel to it. The other one was really looking too sinister to me.Anyways i put a little work on photoshop just some planning or thought procees just to see if you guys are following me.
I'm having somewhat a story coming of this guy still don't know where this is going but its gonna be fun cause the next step I'll be working the overall, details, and shading in one fell swoop.

I'll show you guys the steps...ohhh and his name is General Vash Ritter we GO!!!

hi!!! Just here to let you know what's going... a couple of days ago Maddsketch and i were discuss about War dominance, its a world known to artists out there and we should just go for, so I'm trying for and We have nothing to lose but gain!!

the theme is War Generals and you have to make a portrait out of it, its mini challenge from the main event. This mini challenge is due on Monday mar 2nd so its gonna be a ride!!!

i got some thumbnails drawn up, from the back a menu from lettuce joint and drew two light mark sketches that i have to choose.

Monday, February 16, 2009

some new stuff

here some recent drawings, again these were all done with graphic pencils 2b, 3b and 4bs and enjoy.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Plethora of Monsters pt2

Here's the second batch... i hope you guys are enjoying them!!!

A Plethora of Monsters pt1

Here's the first batch...enjoy!

a Unit 350?

This is my most recent drawing, had a lot of fun but it took me awhile to do. i was trying to come up with a robot just to see if i can actually do one.

How i work is pretty simple first a simple marker sketch than an overlay piece of paper on top and the fun begins. i use graphic pencils my favourites are 2b, 3b and b. i render as i draw but i make sure my pencil strokes are same direction, i also think about basic shapes and tones its just my personal way of cleanness.


Hey guys, i should've done this along time ago...

Straight to it, a little info about me, i'm part-time artist, i work a day job. I love to draw, design ever since i was little. My goal is to work into the gaming industry, i went to sherdian and sencea for 3d gaming for 2007.About a couple of months ago i started drawing back to basics, these are what came out of me. My old self was all about environments so i decided to break out of my comfort zone so...enjoy the ride.

its only the beginning...lookout!!!